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6440 Landsdowne Center,
Alexandria, VA, 22315
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Here is a list of your testimonials


Touria is amazing!!! She always manages to replicate color and hairstyles I select from magazines or Pinterest. Plus, the salon atmosphere is relaxing making it a treat to sneak away for a few hours of pampering.

Michelle F.

Alexandria, VA


Marcela was amazing! She gave me the best facial, hot stone massage, and did remove all my hair that was all over my body! She use sugar which it's the best thing ever which is organic it makes your skin soft and it exfoliate all the dead skin. Marcela make me feel so relax! If there was 6 stars I would give it to her!?

Karen E.

Alexandria, VA


Really nice Salon, the chair was very comfortable and Natalie made my hair look amazing for the wedding. Natalie always does fantastic work. A++++

Laura B.

Alexandria, VA


I absolutely love this salon! The salon itself is beautiful, sleek, and modern and everyone in there is super friendly. I always get offered a beverage as soon as i get into the chair. Touria is my stylist and she is just amazing! She is so so sweet and nails my color every time! I’m always trying different things with blonde (i have dark hair) and she always makes it gorgeous!

Lacey J.

Alexandria, VA